Venus - Design System Tool PRO (Figma Version)

2 ratings
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Venus - Design System Tool PRO (Figma Version)

2 ratings

Design what you want with less effort at another level!

An easy-to-use Design Tool with the most common 2000+ UI/UX components states that allows you to design quickly with world-class standards out-of-the-box. 🔥

This complex, modern, clean design tool will help you reduce hours of time wasted wireframing and building UI projects. Venus Design System will increase cohesion, collaboration, and focus your creativity where it matters! ❤️


  • 2000+ Components States
  • 1400+ Google Material Icons
  • 250+ Global Styles for Typography, Colors & Effects
  • Example Apps & Elements made with Venus
  • Light/Dark Themes
  • Variants and Auto-layout V3.0
  • Full-Form Building Buttons, Text, and Custom Inputs
  • Responsive, Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Grids
  • Desktop, Mobile Web, and Native (native coming soon) Components
  • Easily Customizable 
  • Various Sized Components
  • React Library (coming soon) 
  • Free Lifetime Updates

What type of components comes with Venus Pro?

  • Buttons, Sliders, Text Inputs, Checkboxes, Radios, Toggles, Increment Stepper, Tabs, Panels, Accordions, Badges, Pagination
  • Toast, Tooltips, Modals, Avatars with Text, BG Cards, Popovers, Grids, Positioning, Pricing Cards, Misc Cards, Testimonial Cards, Content Cards
  • Calendar, Timeline, Comments, Hero Masks, Blob Masks, Colors System, Credit Cards
  • Full Data Visualization: Charts, Graphs, Lists, and Tables
  • And many more!


  • Colors, Typography, Gradients
  • Spacing, Photography, Grids Systems
  • Global Styles, Effects
  • Google Material Icons


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Lifetime License ❤️

2000+ Components States
Huge number of Material Icons
250+ Global Styles for Typography, Colors & Effects
Light/Dark Themes
Variants and Auto-layout V3.0
React Library (coming soon)
Easily Customizable
Free Lifetime Updates
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